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CHETINKAYA GROUP was founded in 2007 as a branding and marketing agency, continues to actively develop, expand the scope of activities and provide its services in accordance with the principles of market research and strategic planning. Nowadays the company operates in the following main fields: branding, real estate and business development.

We love our work, that’s how we got here.

The main areas of work of CHETINKAYA GROUP are work both with individuals and companies.

Also important areas of work of the CHETINKAYA GROUP are culture, education, environment and social developments. Companies, brands, designs and properties are created for people. The most exciting thing about people is their culture and history. CHETINKAYA GROUP is a bridge between awareness, understanding and value of companies, brands and their relationships with people.

  • Whether you are an individual, a large company, or just starting out, the basics of creating a project, a company, a corporate or personal brand, and delivering a service are the same. It’s just a matter of scale. We offer a modern strategy and exceptional design, in order for you to achieve 3 main goals: To be recognized; To be remembered; To be respected.

  • We only work with trusted contractors, agents and partners to improve people’s lives, care for the environment and conduct responsible business. With a reputation as an expert, honest and far-sighted partner, CHETINKAYA GROUP provides professional services in real estate, investment, business development in Turkey and around the world.

  • Together with our partners, we are working on projects in various countries, including Turkey, Northern Cyprus, Belarus and Russia. We have made the desires and dreams of our customers come true, primarily using wood in the production of furniture and finishing works for cafes and restaurants, residential areas, private residences and hotels. We create interior and exterior designs, as well as produce furniture and building structures, houses and bungalows made of wood, participate in urban planning and design of tourist facilities.

  • We have everything you need to become a leader in your field. There is a place for you too, and we know it. CHETINKAYA GROUP works with individuals and companies that are just starting out, already successfully running their business, enjoying it, but also learning to understand their business and brand in order to be useful, creative and attract new and valuable customers.


Amazing team with international recognition

Get to know our international experts, awards and company projects in our corporate profile.

Branding, marketing and design expert, with more than 15 years of international experience on working with local and world famous brands.
CEO | Branding Expert
Anastasia P. Çetinkaya

Anastasia P. Çetinkaya

Has more than 20 years of experience in publishing and printing, has worked for the major media brands in Turkey, and is an experienced journalist, copywriter and media manager.
General Manager
Ayhan Çetinkaya

Ayhan Çetinkaya

Has more than 20 years of experience in web design and development, application development and execution, well known IT professional and expert.
Technical Director
Egor Petrov

Egor Petrov

Has more than 25 years of experience in international business management, development, strategy, alignment and positioning.
Director of Communications
Mohammad H.Rasheed

Mohammad H.Rasheed

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Every great brand, investment, company, project, service, large or small started with a detailed strategy. We’ll build or re-build your strategy from the ground up. We’ll make you understand what you or your customers need, it’s positioning and mission.

GOOD STRATEGY. GOOD RESULT. You want to do it the best way. That’s where you need us. We create new companies and brands from nothing. We fix weak ones. We offer the best options for holidays, living and investment. We create concepts, think through design and execution to implement practical solutions and comfortable spaces. We provide services that improve the quality of life, business and contribute to the systematic achievement of goals.
HAVE NO FEAR. GO FOR THE BEST. We have all you need to climb to the top, make a profitable investment, create the design of your dreams, or achieve personal or business goals. CHETINKAYA GROUP works with people and companies and makes them enjoy and succeed in their businesses and life, understand their businesses, be more useful and creative to attract valuable customers, improve quality of life or do personal investments.
FIRST CONCEPT THEN ACTION. CHETINKAYA GROUP is a multi-disciplinary cross cultural agency focused on creating cultural brands, projects and companies, investment and business development strategies. Our message aims to build deep, meaningful relationships between people, companies, brands and their customers, touching hearts and changing lives.